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November 26, 2013
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TMW - Waspwish - Medicine Cat - Riverclan by ohsh TMW - Waspwish - Medicine Cat - Riverclan by ohsh
I'm so sorry for not having his history complete yet, but I have many other more pressing matters to attend to before I can get to this. Terribly sorry!


Name: Waspwish 
Wasp: Named for his stingy, bitter attitude
Wish: After his wistfulness 

Previous names: Beekit (breifly), Waspkit, Wasppaw 

Age: 36 moons (months)

Gender: Male

Clan: Riverclan

Rank: Medicine Cat

Apprentice: Featherpaw

Breed: Oriental - European longhair mix


[General] Waspwing is very long and slender, with nimble legs, and very slender paws to allow him to better tend to wounds. He's fairly frail for a tom of his size. His father had always called him 'bird boned' and delicate in a playful manner, but it is true. He has striking yellow eyes inherited from his mother, and on each side of his pelt is an intricate blue wasp wing, his gift from Starclan. 

[Fur] His thin fur doesn't help hid his slight build. It clings very close to his body, but since he spends so much time in his den or around the camp, his fur is soft and fine. His tail is the only exception, being quite fluffy. 

[Scars] Waspwing doesn't have much in the way of scars, but he does have two nicks in his ear, given to him by an older tom when he was an apprentice. 

[Scent] He smells very strongly of herbs. He lines his den with rosemary, so the scent clings to him all day. 


Birth: Leafbare - early December 
Religion: Strongly believes in Starclan, and often shares interesting dreams past medicine cats.

Strength: ●●○○○

Attack: ●●●○○

Speed: ●●●●○

Endurance: ●●○○○

Tactics: ●○○○○

Herbal Knowledge: ●●●●●


Personality: [Bitter/Spiteful] [Secret Genius] [Wistful] [Optimist] [Shy/reserved] [Gentle/Graceful] [Stubborn] 
'I hope you know you're all idiots.' [Bitter/Spiteful] Cats often have a lot to complain about after spending a night in Waspwish's medicine cat den for treatment. He often snaps at cats he deems 'stupid', and he rolls his eyes so much that they may as well be stuck looking up at the sky. If bitterness is hereditary, then Wasp certainly inherited it from his mother, no doubt about that.  

'Why can't cats just think?' [Secret Genius] Although it's not completely obvious - probably due to his reserved nature and lack of social interaction - Waspwish is definitely a cat one could consider a genius. He can seem erratic and odd, but mostly because cats just don't understand him, or his thinking process. He despises this of course, and does not understand why cats can't deduce things or think as fast as he can. He often mutters under his breath to help him remember all his findings, which makes him seem more than a little crazy. Additionally, he's very interested in twolegs, but he keeps this secret. 

'I remember when I was a kit, and I used to watch dew slide off the leaves around my mother's nest in the nursery...[Wistful] Waspwish will often lose himself in though, his mind skipping back to better, more peaceful times, when he was just a kit and he didn't have the lives of other cats in his paws. 

'It's going to be okay, really.[Optimist] Wasp may hate other cats, but he doesn't think he should take it out on the world. He simply chooses to see the brighter side of things - most of the time, anyway. He understands when its time to accept defeat, but he's the kinds of cat that can find hope in the strangest things. 

'Oh, I don't know about that, hahah, um, I just, I...[Shy/Reserved] When he's nagging, or complaining, or arguing, he can be as loud as a hurricane, but usually, Waspwing is rather quiet, and finds peace in solitude. He can also become quite flustered and embarrassed when he is complimented. 

Waspwish slinked through the trees, hardly making a sound | [Gentle/Graceful] Waspwish's slim form and impeccable control of his body leave him with a sort of quiet grace. Even his acts of clumsiness have a kind of fluid motion to them. He's also very gentle, taking great care when handling delicate herbs in his paws. 

'No shuttup. I'm right. I wouldn't care if even Bluestar came down from Starclan and told you that, I am right!' [Stubborn] Once you've got this tom worked up about something, he'll never let it go. He will go to the ends of the earth to prove himself right. He will outlive all of Starclan so that he can have the last word. 


[Orientation] In denial / bisexual 

[Preference] Both male and female, but he claims only female

[Experience] None, my baby's a virgin ouo

[Current Crushes] None


Other Info:
- He's a very good swimmer, and can hold his breath for a whole two minutes. 
- He fishes for himself when he can, rather than getting food from the fresh kill pile.

- his favorite fish is trout
- chatting with elders
- stories and folklore 
- rosemary
- dried lavender
- decorating his den
- birds, flowers
- drizzling 
- being alone so he can think
bumblebees, wasps, hornets, etc
- most insects in general
- puzzles and riddles
- swimming
- dense vegetation/forests areas

- stupid cats
- the thought of sex
- crowds
- getting dirty
- the open (moors, borders, etc)
- being touched by a cat he himself would not touch (medicine cat duties being an exception) 


Brief History: 
[Kithood] WIP

[Apprenticeship] WIP

[Medicine Cat] WIP

Family + NPC friends and others
Father - Minnowspring
Mother - Silvercloud

Siblings - OPEN

Littlebrook - Old friend during his apprentice years
Snakestream - Deceased - Elder friend


Roleplay Sample:
Quietly, smoothly, Waspwish made his way through the bramble thicket that surrounded the front of this medicine cat den. His den was warm, but the air was sharp and crisp. He swished his tail, brushing autumn leaves across the dusty ground. He buried his muzzle in a bundle of herbs, nose searching for the distinct smell of marrow. He wasn't usually one for such disorganization, but the apprentices that had offered to gather herbs for him hardly cared about the tedious sorting Wasp would have to do. He moved the marrow to one side, then returned to the bundle, in search of poppy now. 
After about an hour of dedicated sorting, he was left with neat piles of each herb. He sat back, eyes narrowed in an odd, unmistakably Waspwish-esque look of satisfaction. It was a twisted grin only a manic-looking tome like him could wear. It quickly fell away as the apprentices returned with yet another painfully unorganized bundle. Brilliant. More sorting. "Bless the stars," he muttered, voice dripping with sarcasm. 


:bulletorange: Likes/Approves of
:bulletblack: Uncertainty
:bulletblue: Acquaintance/Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend/Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: Love/Mate
:bulletred: Hate
:bulletwhite: Neutral





Rogues, Loners, Kittpets


Art and character (c) *a-bumbling-bee
TMW (c) ~faifers

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